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So this would be my first post.  And what does every one do for their first post?

Well, write a list of things that Americans hate, of course!

Number 1 – People!

Look at all those people... They make me feel all hate-y.

Yes, I noticed that we Americans seem to really hate a lot of people. Even our own! Whatever kind of person you are, you are hated! So please… Everyone stop trying to be liked, because the one and only American that is truly liked, is Jesus (and don’t you dare say that Jesus wasn’t American, because he was, and you’ll go to hell for saying that he isn’t).

Number 2 – Things!

It was either this picture or something dirty

It seems to be apparent that Americans really hate things. Especially scales and exercise rooms. Americans also hate things that are too loud (or too quite), too insulting, too dumb, and just too… too… well just too un-American.

Number 3 – Places!

I hate blue marbles!

Yes. It is true. Americans absolutely hate places. They are either too hot, too cold, too busy, or too boring. Let’s say for example… Hawaii. Hawaii seems to be an ideal place to settle down and enjoy life (and coconuts). But I will be honest. I have heard an extra American-y person say, “Hawaii is just too nice. It’s so Hawaiiy, and stuff.” Wow, if only I could achieve such a level of intelligence. And we all have to agree, because well… It’s the American thing to do.

Number 4 – Ideas!

Who thought of the light bulb representing a thought... Well we know he wasn't American.

I think we all can admit that ideas aren’t very American… I mean come on, thinking is really hard. And thinking intelligently? Well that’s stupid! It is just easier not to think. So ya… That’s all. Let’s just sum this up… America doesn’t like nouns.

But Wait! Number 4 – The Detric!


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